About Artis

Artis' Founders Message

“Working at the Alberta Workers Compensation Board (WCB), I found several gaps between what companies need to do to effectively manage claims and reduce premiums, and their understanding of the WCB system. Working on thousands of claims lead me to understand that most companies, understandably, don’t know what they don’t know: The WCB system is complex. This is why Artis was formed in 2013: To help companies large and small navigate the WCB system and ensure employers have the best representation and advice when dealing with their WCB pain points.”

Kessie Stevens

Established in 2013, the Latin word Artis, meaning skill, craft and art, was chosen to reflect our company values. We believe in applying these core principles in all our work. Our aim with every engagement is to create the right solutions for each company we work with. We believe that every company is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet the needs of you, our client.

We achieve this by understanding that the relationship of company management, culture, and risk management including disability management & safety programming is critical to an organization’s success. Artis is here to help you achieve that success. With our combination of experience and knowledge, we add value through our expertise in people, service delivery, systems, rules, and regulations.