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Keep your company in the good books of the Worker's Compensation Board (WCB)​

Managing WCB claims as an employer is complicated

With the strength of former WCB employees, health and safety professionals, and appeals specialists, we level the playing field for employers of all sizes. We help employers with WCB registration, industry classification, subcontractor rules, modified work, multiple jurisdiction issues, and much more.

Artis helps employers implement effective and efficient practices for recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. Supporting your company should an injury occur. There are newly changed laws affecting injured or recently injured workers. Artis can provide the advice and assistance you need to manage injured workers and minimize costs without running afoul of the regulations.

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Artis Can Help You Navigate The WCB & Save You Money.

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WCB Claims Auditing

WCB Performance Review

Company performance can impact premiums. Performing well can earn your company up to a maximum 60% discount on WCB, while companies performing poorly can incur penalties of up to 280%. Poor performance can quickly drive up premiums, impacting your company’s ability to bid competitively, and will eventually lead to an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) department audit.

Complete additional Health and Safety certifications to maximize your discounts:

  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) 
  • Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR)

Claim Appeals & Claim Cost Transfers

Asking for costs to be removed from WCB claims can help greatly reduce premiums, allowing an employer to save money and become competitive again. You only get one shot to present your evidence, and it must be policy-based. There are a variety of ways to have costs removed, including:

  1. Cost relief requests (pre-existing conditions, unnecessary medical costs removed, etc.)
  2. Cost transfer requests (sending costs to a third party who was responsible for the incident)
  3. Claim acceptance and entitlement requests
WCB Industry Rate Review

Industry Rate Reviews

WCB premiums are based on industry classification. Suppose a business is classified in the wrong industry or the classification does not reflect the current state of the business. In that case, The WCB premiums may be too high.

An industry review involves examining the nature of the client’s business and potential industry classifications which may prove less costly.

There can also be opportunities for split-industry classification by justifying that a portion of the client’s work belongs in a lower-cost industry.


Are past WCB Claims pushing your premiums up? Artis will review those claim files to ensure the costs you are responsible for are the only ones applied to your account.

Successful cost relief can be a technical process. We have top appeals specialists with a winning track record, legal training, and certifications.

Artis has access to medical consultants and industry experts to build a strong case for appeals. Helping clients recover money they didn’t know they were entitled to.

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Many businesses manage WCB claims in-house. Without knowing the system, this can prove frustrating and time-consuming. You love what you do, and you didn’t get into business to spend hours managing a WCB claim. We did!

Each company is different, and we know from experience that there is no “one size fits all.” Our team builds tailored disability management programs specific to your company and proactively manages your WCB claims on your behalf. Allowing us to keep unnecessary expenses from your claims, ensure documentation is complete, and enable us to work on containing costs for your business.

No, not if your experience rating is grossly over your industry average (i.e., if you are paying more in premiums than most of your rate group). You may not be able to save costs on an individual appeal. However, looking at your industry classification and multiple appeals may help you reduce premiums.

You may not save money immediately. However, in future years you could qualify for cost savings.

Depending on your industry, additional benefits of submitting appeals are:

  • It may help in bids when you upload data in ISNetworld or other related software
  • Voicing your perspective on controversial issues where precedence is being set, e.g., worker’s injured while impaired and how it relates to benefits
  • Having your voice heard when a worker puts an appeal in against an employer

Yes, we can review the file and give you representation at the appeal or recommendations.

Yes. Employers often come to us with this question. They have asked for a decision to be made and were told no. Often, the decisions have not been put in writing. We can develop the strongest argument for a second look at your request to have the best chance at having the decision overturned.

It should not. However, having a third party manage your appeals at arm’s length may help you with any bias or concerns of relationships conflict.

Depending on the province, timelines vary widely. In B.C., appeals must be submitted within 75 days from a decision date. Some provinces, such as Saskatchewan, have no time limits on appeals.

It depends on the province and the ability of the WCB to accept your claim. Some appeals are resolved within a week, while others can take a year or longer if they have to go to tribunal.

While reviewing your claims, we can identify a need for updates to safety or disability management processes. These updates will decrease the chances of falling into the same situations in the future.

Additionally, we may be able to find opportunities for cost reduction that you not have considered. Such as third-party cost transfers or industry rate re-classification. All cost reductions are helpful when bidding and must provide your WCB statistics to the contractor.

We occasionally take employee appeals or refer them to a trusted partner. Our focus and expertise is geared towards helping employers.

Hear From Our Clients

Kessie, David and team at Artis are amazing! They are very professional and leaders in their field. I have been fortunate enough to partner with them on a project and look forward to working with them in the future. I highly recommend their expertise to any clients.
Claire Mechan
AILM Resiliency Consulting
Kessie and the team at Artis are experienced and professional Occupational Health & Safety experts. Their experience with WCB and connections to industry are really helpful in the way they work. Highly recommend.
Keith King
University of Alberta
Kessie is absolutely fantastic and her attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend her, and definitely look forward to working with her again.
George Lorimer
PAPR Solutions
We work closely with Artis for all of our WCB related claims, assessments, appeals and other return to work matters. The Artis team is dedicated to worker and organizational well being and leaders in their field.
Catherine Jevic
All-Safe HSE Inc.
We're a start up mining company. Artis set up our entire safety program on short notice for our first commercial product. The reviews from our partner companies have been nothing but positive.
Ian Ireland
Prairie Lithium
Can’t say enough about the business, team and solutions. Top notch experience and foresight.
Dr. Darryl Moore


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