WCB Appeals & Cost Relief

If you’ve had WCB claims in the past that are pushing your premiums up, Artis can review those claim files to ensure that only the costs you are responsible for have been applied to your account. We will review your claim for potential cost relief, cost transfer, or claim legitimacy. If we find errors or opportunities for appeal, we will provide you with clear estimates of premium savings a given appeal could achieve. We put you, the employer, in the driver’s seat and keep you informed at each step of the process.

One of the key points to understand about WCB appeals is that your appeal needs to be based on WCB policies, regulations, and law. Using Artis ensures a strong, evidence-backed submission maximizing the chance of success.

Artis can also represent you when an employee initiates a WCB appeal to ensure premiums are not unfairly raised.

If you have questions about a specific claim or need more information, we are here to help.

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