If your business is still managing WCB claims in-house, you could be overpaying for insurance.

The WCB system across Canada is legislated heavily. It can be complex to navigate, and this process varies from province to province.

Our team of WCB experts possesses a firm understanding of the industry and its policies, tribunals, and the internal practices of Worker’s Compensation Boards. Artis gives you the best chance to receive approvals to your WCB requests.

Our team has successfully reduced WCB insurance premiums for businesses for over a decade, and we’re ready to support you.

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What We Do

Free WCB Claims Monitoring

WCB Cost Relief & Appeals

WCB Claims Auditing

Industry Classification Review

Hear From Our Clients

Kessie, David and team at Artis are amazing! They are very professional and leaders in their field. I have been fortunate enough to partner with them on a project and look forward to working with them in the future. I highly recommend their expertise to any clients.
Claire Mechan
AILM Resiliency Consulting
Kessie and the team at Artis are experienced and professional Occupational Health & Safety experts. Their experience with WCB and connections to industry are really helpful in the way they work. Highly recommend.
Keith King
University of Alberta
Kessie is absolutely fantastic and her attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend her, and definitely look forward to working with her again.
George Lorimer
PAPR Solutions
We work closely with Artis for all of our WCB related claims, assessments, appeals and other return to work matters. The Artis team is dedicated to worker and organizational well being and leaders in their field.
Catherine Jevic
All-Safe HSE Inc.
We're a start up mining company. Artis set up our entire safety program on short notice for our first commercial product. The reviews from our partner companies have been nothing but positive.
Ian Ireland
Prairie Lithium
Can’t say enough about the business, team and solutions. Top notch experience and foresight.
Dr. Darryl Moore

Free WCB Claims Monitoring

Register for our free Claims Monitoring service. Artis will monitor your WCB claims portal for free and notify you of opportunities to lower your WCB insurance premiums.

Many companies can get a substantial amount of costs removed from their WCB premiums. This process is known as cost relief, which includes fighting unfair claims or having costs removed for:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Concurrent medical conditions
  • Accidents that arise at the fault of another company

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WCB Wednesdays

This is a complimentary monthly live event where employers are invited to join Kessie Stevens for a live chat on WCB and Disability Management. Learn more about our services; pick up tips, strategies, and ask questions.

Workplace Injury Claims Form

Disability Management & Programs

You didn’t get into business to manage complex WCB claims, but we did. Artis provides comprehensive disability management consulting services to keep your claims costs low, allowing you to keep business operations running smoothly. 

We can build your program, provide support as needed, or take care of everything from point-of-hire to the close of a claim.

WCB Claims Auditing

Not sure where to start? We can help! Artis offers WCB Claims Auditing services that involve an in-depth review of your active WCB claims that will ultimately result in lower WCB insurance premiums.

When we identify the gaps in your disability management, HR, and Safety Program, we lay out a blueprint to get your company on the path to a maximum WCB premium discount.

Artis WCB Landing Page Claims Auditing

Industry Classification Review

Are you paying too much just for showing up? You might be! Your premiums are based on one or more industry classification codes. If you are in the wrong industry or one that does not reflect the current nature of your business practices, you may be paying too much. A review of your industry classification can help support your bids and lead to lower premiums.

Pre-Bid Consulting

We work with prime contractors and companies to ensure that (1) the contractors you are hiring have a sound WCB ranking and (2) employers who are applying for work present their data in the best possible way, providing ongoing support.

WCB Industry Rate Review
Artis WCB Landing Page WCB Appeals

WCB Cost Relief & Appeals

This service involves reviewing your company’s Workers’ Compensation Board insurance claims for decision errors and initiating a review or appeal process to lower your premiums.

Successful appeals can save employers significant sums in insurance payments, bringing them from a premium surcharge ranking to a discount. Additionally, our reviews for appeal allow companies to be more competitive with their bidding processes. They will identify areas of improvement in their Human Resources, Disability Management, and Safety management system.

Our Appeals’ Specialists will review your files, industry rates and discuss your concerns.

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